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Develop Change-Ready Leaders and Teams who step up, lean in, and
drive innovation adoption to make change stick, starting at Phase Zero.

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Our team is a group of experts across the Wellness, Radio Broadcasting, and Healthcare Staffing industries dedicated to the principle that there is untapped potential and opportunity in each of you - Leaders, Learners, and growing Organizations - to design and achieve REAL change in your life and work. You just need the right change readiness training, tools, and mindset to achieve it.



The Painted Porch was an ancient, open gathering place where the foundation of the Stoic philosophy was built. We lean on its teachings to develop change-ready leaders, teams, and staffing firms who are prepared to tackle uncertainty, obstacles, and take on the BIG decisions and actions necessary to drive innovation and make change stick.

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Master the foundational skills to 
lead the change of tomorrow.


In today's ever-shifting and challenging world, those who have the ability to navigate uncertainty, show up with purpose, collaborate with others, and share ideas with confidence and clarity will be the ones who will lead the change of tomorrow.

Through our online programs, group and 1:1 coaching, and operational change advisory, we empower leaders, learners & teams to cultivate emotional intelligence (EQ), communication skills, and team collaboration for personal and professional growth.

We are your answer when you want to enhance your ability to lead through change, foster collaboration, and drive innovative solutions.

With our guidance, you will become change-ready, adept at navigating challenges and opportunities, and inspiring others to do the same, so that you can grow and thrive with purpose and life, at work, and anywhere in between.

It's what the ancient Greeks referred to as Eudaimonia, which means happiness, well-being, and prosperity.

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Get clarity and take action to design your P.A.T.H. to create successful change.

For Leaders
For Teams

Thoughts from the Porch.


Our most recent insights, research, and ideas exploring ways to become change-ready as a leader in your life, your work, and anywhere in between.

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