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Most Change Fails.
Let's Fix that.


78% of business change initiatives fumble, fizzle, or fail. And only 2.5% achieve 100% of their original goals. Don't be a failed change statistic.

Become Change-Ready.

🧭 Is Your Team Ready for Change?


Are you confident your leadership and teams are ready to not just adopt, but lead and create REAL, lasting change in your organization?

Take our FREE, 10-question assessment to discover your company's change readiness strengths and growth opportunities to confidently navigate the constant sea of change. 

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Change Delays.
Communication Failures.


In business, work-life is changing, your competition is increasing, and contingent demands are at an all-time high…

Now, more than ever, staying focused, energized, change-ready, and agile will increase your company’s success.

Which means:

  • You and your team need emotional resilience
  • You and your team need clear communication
  • You and your team need to work as ONE to grow, change, and serve

...Are you prepared? Let’s make it happen on the Painted Porch.

Prepare Your People for Change Success.

With our training and advisory services, you’ll have a Change-Ready Team who:

  • Is resilient, mindful, and capable of handling any challenge, change, or market demand
  • Happily communicate honestly and effectively with your Company’s Vision and Why in mind
  • Put a genuine emphasis on maintaining a positive, results-driven change-ready culture
  • Cultivate mission-focused, efficient problem solving
  • Assess and streamline business processes to maximize efficiency, value, and time

Together, change is possible...On the Painted Porch.

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The Way We Work Isn't Working...


High engagement companies earn 2.5x more revenue than lower-scoring firms

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Your Transformational Success Begins HERE.

Together, let's build a culture of change readiness and resilience, individual and team well-being, and confident, clear make change stick.

By focusing on the key elements that make a company great, we strive to help you develop a strong, healthy, change-ready organization that will not only survive, but thrive in this ever-evolving world of work.

Organizational Change Readiness

How change-ready is your organization? Uncover your areas of strength and risk in preparation for your next stage of growth through readiness assessments and best practice recommendations.

Become Ready for Change

Get on a P.A.T.H. to change success with a comprehensive toolkit to ready your systems, your processes, AND your most important investment - YOUR PEOPLE - to prepare, execute, and adopt change that sticks.


Create a leadership team that not only understands, but has the personal insights and roadmap to develop the skills to lead the workforce of the future with Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, and resilience.

Team Resilience & Excellence

Develop extraordinary teams who are accountable, mission-focused, and collaborate to spot and solve problems and achieve optimal success outcomes - together.


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The Framework for Successful Growth.

The path to implementing successful and lasting change begins and ends with your People. Here’s how:

There are four primary pillars that - together - create real transformation and lasting changes in your business:

  • Change-Ready Mindset
  • Effective Change Communication & Messaging
  • Collaborative, Accountable Teams
  • Mission-driven, solution-focused Operations

For a strong and vibrant business, each one is dependent on and integral to the others to create business transformation and change success.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS:

On The Painted Porch, you'll learn how to design and construct a business foundation that maximizes each pillar through unified, mission-focused operations, emotionally resilient, change-ready people and teams, and communication that drives change, adoption, and growth.

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Build Grit & Resiliency

Develop resilient team members, at every level of your organization, who are strong, accountable, adaptable, and engaged in driving real change and growth.

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Master Communication

Craft communication strategies that will inspire, ignite, and propel change in every meeting, message, and interaction. Get your message right.

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Become Growth Ready

Construct a noble purpose and clear mission with aligned strategies everyone on your team will embrace and be excited to execute.

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Simplify Your Systems

Streamline your business processes and optimize your systems. Reimagine team roles for flexibility and maximize your company’s efficiency, value, and overall time.

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A Complete Approach To Transforming Your  Business.

In order to create a strong, resilient, change-ready company, it takes a complete approach to business transformation.

A healthy organization is focused on fortifying four elements to ensure balance and a centered strength:

Your People
Your Processes
Your Strategy


Your Stoic Path to Prosperity.

The “Painted Porch” was where the ancient philosophy of Stoicism began. It was a non-traditional school of learning, where all people were welcomed to gather, learn, discuss, and grow. 

Its four key principles -  Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue - are vital to running and growing the type of Staffing firm you always hoped for.

Together, on the Painted Porch, you'll learn ways to infuse them into each element of your company, and guide your organization through its evolution from struggling or stagnant to Eudaimonia (aka "the Good Life").

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We are NOT Your Typical Consultants.
Our Fee Structure Proves it!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we do things a little differently on The Painted Porch. On top of our:

Diverse team of experts spanning multiple industries
Experience in change adoption
People-first training programs

...we ALSO are completely transparent with our pricing (and it’s a flat rate!). How nice is that?

In a traditional consulting/client relationship, the party that commonly benefits the most is the consulting company. So…not you. The more they're involved in the day-to-day decision-making for your company—or the longer it takes to implement a project—the more beholden you become to their services…and their fees.

On the Painted Porch, you’ll learn how to turn your team into its own internal network of engaged, knowledgeable experts and problem solvers. Your team will be armed and invested in your mission, your clients, and your company’s overall success!

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Outcomes over Hours

Your time and resources are valuable
. That’s why we structure our services as flat-fee packages focused on meeting key objectives, goals, and value-based outcomes.

Our #1 focus with a new project is establishing the success parameters that will be realized once our time together ends.

Empowering and preparing you to lead your transformation ensures that, once we’re gone, you have everything you need to conquer future obstacles and change.

A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue. We believe that when a company has a resilient, mindful workforce and noble mission, their people, processes, and strategies can align to do amazing work.

Since we intend to always live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your fee will be donated to a charity of your choice, in your company’s name.

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Thoughts from the Porch.


Our most recent insights, research, learning, and ideas exploring ways to develop change-ready leaders, teams, and cultures to achieve optimal business transformation and growth.

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Eliminating burnout, building up emotional resilience, developing strong teams & connections, and finding your true voice when communicating are not just for the workplace. Discover how to tap into your inner power become a change-ready leader in all areas of your life, work, and anywhere in between.