The most successful people and organizations are those who are committed to developing emotional resilience, quality connections, and strong communication skills to achieve lasting change, growth, and fulfillment. It’s what the Roman orator, Cicero, called Summum Bonum, “the highest good“.

Core Values for Success.


Our noble purpose is a simple one:

To transform the ways in which we design, define, and connect with ourselves and our work to achieve optimal fulfillment, resiliency, and success.

We do this by helping develop mindful and resilient people, collaborative teams, and communication that creates a meaningful, lasting impact.


You are the expert of your life and work.

Rather than telling you what to do we share our best insights, and methods to help you design the path toward fulfilling your intentions and goals...and make them stick.

We serve as your guide, advisor, and partner on your journey. Together, we can empower you to create amazing changes within your organization or life – even after we’re gone.


Our approach, guidance, and methodologies center on the principles of shared commitment, trust, and accountability to achieve desired outcomes for success.

We believe that optimal results are realized when – together – we are focused on doing good work that is not only financially rewarding, but where personal ability, purpose, and contribution is maximized.



Meet Your Team.

Many think of the Stoics as a bunch of boring old men, with stiff upper lips and no sense of fun. Not us. We created Painted Porch Strategies because we believe work done right, and for the right reasons, can be fun. We’ll show you how leaning on the principles of Stoicism can not only be very rewarding, but you’ll discover simple ways to shift your mindset from business and life as usual to one that is incredible and expansive. We’ll help you see just how freeing the concept of control can truly be.




Founder, Chief Evolution Officer, Change Navigator

Welcome to the Painted Porch! You can call me Amy Yack; my friends do. I’ve spent the last 19+ years (some would argue since pre-school) seeking out and partnering with companies to design programs that connect people and process to a clear purpose, strategic vision, and noble mission. Through challenging business as usual, we can navigate the sea of change and build amazing teams (across all areas of life & work) focused on contribution, service, and connection.

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Chief Joy Officer, M.B.A. (Mind-Body Architect)

Middle of the road is for painted lines…I am that zany, madcap person in your life who makes animal noises, breaks out into song, and will help you balance your energy. I’ve taught yoga and meditation for over 12 years, traveled all 50 states, and only recently learned how to ride a bike. While I’m a quadruple threat (dancer/actor/singer/ director), early childhood development guide, homeschool teacher, and mom (of a very active child!), my true life purpose is to help everyone I cross paths with lead a more joyful, authentic life.

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M.C. (Master of Communication), Chief Messaging Officer

Hi, I’m Rob. I love words. Not just any words, though…ones that create connection and meaningful, lasting impact. Over my 20+ yr. career as a radio broadcaster, I’ve learned that communication is the most important – yet underrated – skill. When you communicate effectively, you will master your influence and inspire others.

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Fans of the Painted Porch.

Sandy Cordero

Owner, Ask Solar Sandy

Amy’s ability to see the “big picture” was integral to helping prepare my business for a massive operational overhaul in preparation for expansion of my company. I call her “Amazing Amy” and am so thankful and grateful for her sound and honest advice, recommendations, and insights into ways to take my company from owner-operator to scalable growth.

Brennan E. Evans

Vice President of Operations
Trilogy Spa Holdings

Sierra is truly in touch with her Zen! She was pivotal in the development and successful implementation of our Mind/Body programs. Her enthusiasm is both calming and infectious all at the same time. She has the perfect knack to entertain a group of 10 or 100 in the finer aspects of mindfulness, meditation, authenticity and perhaps most important – compassion. Her love for the world of mindfulness truly radiates from within. Laughable and Lovable – you won’t be disappointed in the beautiful serenity of her company!

Justin Cross

Founder + Owner, Earn Your Booze

Rob is a Communication King! He is an industry veteran and has the experience, knowledge, and instincts to help us craft our messaging to hone in on what our team and clients need to step up, jump in, and celebrate. Rob’s been crucial in helping Earn Your Booze’s messaging online, on social and at our events. No doubt, my man knows what he’s talking about and he loves to help others.

Join Us on The Porch.

We'd love to have you join us on the Painted Porch, where existing stories are challenged, mindsets are shiftednew Blueprints are designed, and Eudaimonia (wisdom, virtue, prosperity) can be life, at work, and anywhere in-between.

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