Eliminate the static from your internal and external messaging in order to communicate with clarity, confidence, and influence.


Communication is one of your most impactful, yet least practiced, skills.

Words have tremendous power - what we say, how, when. They can Inspire. They can Incite. They can Be Ignored.
Understanding how to best deliver a message - tone, language, presentation and state - can have a transformative effect on the ability to lead and best share ideas and insights.


During our Master Your Message program, you'll discover ways to:

Eliminate Internal Static

Assess your mind's inner dialogue and its power in controlling how and what is said - to yourself and others.

Prepare for Impact

Understand how the power of language (spoken and non-verbal), word choice, and mood impacts the messages being broadcast.

Harness the Power of Why

Master the message and art of effective inquiry to maximize influence, clarity, and confidence for success.


What is Master Your Message?

At the Painted Porch, we like to do things a little differently. You will be up and moving, participating fully in mind, body, heart, and spirit - intentionally. You'll be actively evaluating and practicing how to communicate in your true voice - the voice that is confident, clear, rational, and effective.


Program Outline & Approach.

Set Your Path for Communication Mastery!
This program is grouped and organized into 8 Modules delivered over 6 Weeks (8 hours of on-demand content!). Each week includes lessons and exercises for you to watch and reflect on.

Each lesson contains video or audio, plus a summary worksheet with additional, downloadable materials and tools you can take and use.


Watch. Reflect. Discuss.

We believe that real learning and transformation is not a spectator sport. Through per-lesson discussion boards and a Private Community, PLUS Monthly, Live Group Video Coaching Calls (optional, add-on), you can connect with Rob and your fellow M.C.s (Masters of Communication) in the making to share your takeaways, insights, ah-has, and more to shift from knowing to doing and becoming.


Program Details.


Over 8 hours of lessons, exercises, and supporting materials to help you develop communication, presentation, and meeting skills to promote clarity and consistency of message, confident delivery, and effective collaboration.


Through a private, online community you'll connect with Rob and your fellow students to share ideas on how you can integrate the lessons into your own life - both at home and at work.


Attend monthly, live video coaching calls with Rob (optional, add-on) and fellow students to dive deeper into what you've learned and explore additional insights and methods to expand your knowledge and grow in your practice.

Hi! I'm Rob, your Painted Porch Guide!

Rob Hunter
M.C. (Master of Communication)

Hi, I’m Rob. And I love words. Not just any words, though…ones that create connection and meaningful, lasting impact. Over my 23+ yr. career as a radio broadcaster, I’ve learned that communication is the most important – yet underrated – skill. When you communicate effectively, you will master your influence and inspire others.

More about Rob

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A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue

Since we intend to live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your purchase will be donated to charity.

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