Better connect, collaborate, and handle conflict with your fellow humans - with the teams and people you interact with both at work and in life.


People + Diverse Ideas = Conflict.

Whenever you're collaborating with other people, conflict can and most likely will arise. Whether a team equals your work colleagues, your family, your friends, or others, creating an extraordinary team where healthy conflict thrives means learning how to become an Extraordinary Team member.


During our Create Extraordinary Teams program, you'll discover ways to:

Develop Healthy Conflict

Tackle assumptions, frustrations, disagreements, and misalignments using rational, logical, and practical methods for conflict resolution.

Define the Elements of a Team

Learn each team members' Elemental style that - when healthy - can overcome any obstacle that arises; but, when stressed, can turn Hero into Villain.

Design a Blueprint for Success

Establish a clear, mission-focused, and aligned operating model so each team member can contribute and succeed.


How to Create Extraordinary Teams.

At the Painted Porch, we like to do things a little differently. You'll be be up and moving, participating fully in mind, body, heart, and spirit - intentionally; and actively making decisions about how to approach and resolve conflict, overcome obstacles as a team unit, and design a blueprint for how to make that happen.


Program Outline & Approach.

This program is grouped and organized into 8 Modules delivered over 6 Weeks (8 hours of on-demand content!). Each module includes lessons and exercises for you to watch and reflect on.

Each lesson contains video or audio, plus a summary worksheet, with additional, downloadable materials and tools you can take and use.


Watch. Reflect. Discuss.

We believe that real learning and transformation is not a spectator sport. Through per-lesson discussion boards and a Private Community, PLUS Monthly, Live Group Video Coaching Calls (optional, add-on), you can connect with us and your fellow "Extraordinary Team" members to share your takeaways, insights, ah-has, and more to shift from knowing to doing and becoming.


Program Details.


Over 8 hours of on-demand, self-paced videos, exercises, and supporting materials to help you develop strong connections and mission-focused, aligned teams.


Through a private, online community you'll connect with Amy and your fellow students to share ideas on how you can integrate the lessons into your own life - both at home and at work.


Attend monthly, live video coaching calls with Amy (optional, add-on) and fellow students to dive deeper into what you've learned and explore additional insights and methods to expand your knowledge and grow in your people dynamics.

Hi! I'm Amy, your Painted Porch Guide!

Amy Yackowski
Founder, Chief Evolution Officer

Welcome to the Porch! You can call me Amy Yack - my friends do. I’ve spent the last 19+ years (some would argue since pre-school) seeking out and partnering with organizations to design programs that connect people and process to a clear purpose, strategic vision, and noble mission. Through challenging business as usual, we can navigate the sea of change and build amazing teams, focused on contribution, service, and connection.

More about Amy

Become a Mindful Leader!


We're bundling our Create Extraordinary Teams program with our Radical Mindfulness & Master Your Message programs so that you can create the foundation for long-term growth, success, and fulfillment - in your life, work, and anywhere in between.


Self-Paced Program Bundle


Go at Your Own Pace

This Bundle includes:

  • Access to all of our signature programs: Radical Mindfulness, Master Your Message & Create Extraordinary Teams
  • Private, Interactive Communities
  • On-Demand Video Lessons & Exercises (over 24 hrs of content)
  • Lifetime Access
  • 45-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

With LIVE Coaching

$149 $75/mo

12 monthly payments

Over $1,000 in savings and bonus! This Bundle includes:

  • Access to all of our signature programs: Radical MindfulnessMaster Your Message & Create Extraordinary Teams
  • Private, Interactive Communities
  • On-Demand Video Lessons & Exercises (over 24 hrs. of content)
  • Lifetime Access
  • PLUS! 12 Weekly, Live 60 min. Group Coaching Calls (4 per program)
  • BONUS! THREE 1:1 Coaching Calls (1 per program; over $625 value)
  • 21-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Pay In Full & Save!

Get the Complete Series

$157 $79/mo

12 monthly payments

Get all 3 Signature Programs and save over 50%!
Bundle includes:

  • Private, Interactive Communities
  • 12 Weekly, Live 60-min. Group Coaching Calls (4 per program)
  • On-Demand Video Lessons & Exercises (Over 8 hrs. per program; 24+ hrs total)
  • Lifetime Access
  • BONUS! THREE 30-min. 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (1 per program; over $645 value)
  • 21-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Pay In Full & Save!

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue

Since we intend to live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your purchase will be donated to charity.

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