Tap into your inner power to take control of your emotions, find peace among the obstacles in life and work, and build up emotional resilience to what's outside of your control.


Stress. Emotional Ups & Downs. Lack of Control.

Each of these (and more) can empty your emotional and energetic energy tanks, sapping you from showing up fully, authentically, and in control.


During our Radical Mindfulness program, you'll discover ways to:

Embrace Your Inner Power

Through mindfulness teaching and tools to ignite your inner strength and resilience to what is out of your control. 

Take Hold of Emotions

From the Stoic philosophy, as well as modern neuroscience, you'll discover new perspectives and approaches to emotional health.

Discover Gratitude & Grace

Find small ways to spark joy, appreciation, and gratitude for yourself and others.


What is Radical Mindfulness?

At the Painted Porch, we like to do things a little differently. You'll be be up and moving, participating fully in mind, body, heart, and spirit - intentionally; and actively making decisions about how to show up as your authentic self - who you want and choose to be - and how to make that happen.


Program Outline & Approach.

This program is grouped and organized into 8 Modules delivered over 6 Weeks (8 hours of on-demand content!), and includes lessons and exercises for you to watch and reflect on.

Each lesson contains video or audio, plus a summary worksheet, with additional, downloadable materials and tools you can take and use.


Watch. Reflect. Discuss.

We believe that real learning and transformation is not a spectator sport. Through per-lesson discussion boards and a Private CommunityPLUS Monthly, Live Group Video Calls (optional, add-on), you can connect with Sierra and your fellow "Mindful Radicals" to share your takeaways, insights, ah-has, and more to shift from knowing to doing and becoming.


Program Details.


Over 8 hours of on-demand, self-paced videos, exercises, and supporting materials to help you develop emotional resilience and mindfulness, and harness your inner power to take hold of your emotions for your well-being.


Through a private, online community you'll connect with Sierra and your fellow students to share ideas on how you can integrate the lessons into your own life - both at home and at work.


Attend monthly, live video coaching calls with Sierra (optional, add-on) and fellow students to dive deeper into what you've learned and explore additional insights and methods to expand your knowledge and grow in your practice.

Hi! I'm Sierra, your Painted Porch Guide!

Sierra Ramm Cantrell
Chief Joy Officer

Middle of the road is for painted lines...I'm that zany, madcap person in your life who makes animal noises, breaks out into song, and will help you balance your energy. I've taught yoga for 10 years, traveled all 50 states, and mastered riding a bicycle just last year. As an early childhood development guide and mom (of a very active 5 yr. old!), my true life purpose is to help everyone I cross paths with lead a more joyful, authentic life.

More about Sierra

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60 Minutes to Radical Mindfulness

This Mini-Course includes a peek into the Radical Mindfulness program by including:

  • 10 Key lessons from Sierra's Radical Mindfulness online course (approx 60 minutes of learning)
  • Access to Private, Interactive Radical Mindfulness Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • 7-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Self-Paced Program (Full)


Complete Program at Your Own Pace

This Program includes:

  • The complete Radical Mindfulness program (over 8 hours of On-Demand Video Lessons and exercises)
  • Private, Interactive Radical Mindfulness Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue

Since we intend to live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your purchase will be donated to charity.

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