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Our training programs are designed to help your employees tap into their inner power, tackle burnout (or occasional overwhelm), effectively collaborate with others, communicate with confidence, and create operational success and change that sticks.

"You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business."
- Zig Ziglar

People Success

Most business programs focus on just one area of struggle or improvement (e.g., Teamwork or Leadership). We believe that in order for you to have a truly great business (where people are dedicated, growth-minded, and sticking around) requires a holistic approach to people success:

Individual Mindset, Effective Communication, and Collaborative Teams.

There is untapped potential and power in your employees to stand strong and resilient among the obstacles in life and work, develop productive, trusting collaborations, and communicate effectively, confidently, and with impact.

Radical Mindfulness

Eliminate burnout & decrease turnover through a program built to guide employees on how to take control of their emotions, find opportunities among the obstacles in life and work, and build up resiliency to what's outside of their control.


Master Your Message

Communication is one of the most impactful, yet least practiced skills. Employees learn how to best deliver a message - in any setting or environment - to inspire collaboration and innovation, with clarity, confidence, and influence.


Extraordinary Teams

Transform teams from dysfunctional to healthy and effective. By focusing on flexibility, trust, and accountability, teams discover ways to turn obstacles or problems into opportunities and solutions, creating a mission-focused unit.

"The relevant question is not simply what shall we do tomorrow, but rather what shall we do today in order to get ready for tomorrow."   
- Peter Drucker

Operational Success

Eliminate the operational weight that is slowing down your growth and change initiatives. Learn to shift from outdated or wasteful processes to focus on delivering value and clear outcomes. Never need a consultant again by creating your own internal network of engaged, knowledgeable experts and problem solvers, invested in your mission, your clients, and your company's success.

Mission: Unstoppable

Eliminate strategic goal and mission inconsistency. Create a crystal clear mission and strategies to provide direction for your teams to realize operational excellence and strategic success.

Operations on Purpose

Inefficient processes and misaligned roles result in lost time, money, resources, and clients. Tap into the hidden talents of your team and cut operational bloat to maximize your outcomes.

Great companies invest in developing their people. When your people are strong, your business will thrive.


Flexible & Transparent Pricing

We like to do things differently here - in our diversity of experts across multiple industries, our people-first programs, and our pricing.

Having flexibility in what programs and services are available to you – based on your budget, resources, desired outcomes, and schedule – is important. That’s why you have your choice of three methods of program delivery to align with your needs.

And, no, you're not sleep-deprived...our actual package prices are listed below 😮Crazy, we know. We prefer to think it's crazy-refreshing. We're not going to quote you one price and then send you a bill for "additional hours"

Our programs are designed to benefit EVERYONE in your company - not just those in official leadership roles. We want you to be able to invest in your Company's success, not just certain individuals.

We stand 100% behind what we do and how, and believe it will make big, lasting changes in your business.

Prices below are per program. Multi-program discounts are available.

On Demand


  • One Year of access to online, self-paced lessons and exercises for everyone in your organization.
  • Live Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1 Check-ins
  • Access to Private, Interactive Community

* Multi-program discount available

Virtual (Live)


  • Live, interactive training delivered via video calls
  • 6 Month access to on-demand lessons for everyone in your organization.
  • Live Group Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1 Check-ins
  • Access to Private, Interactive Community

* Multi-program discount available



All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Live, interactive program delivered onsite
  • 6 Month access to on-demand lessons for everyone in your organization.
  • Live Group Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1 Check-Ins
  • Access to Private, Interactive Community
  • All-inclusive, flat pricing** (Travel included)

* Multi-program discount available
** Additional charge for workshop materials (based on # of participants)


A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue. We believe that when your company has a resilient, mindful workforce and noble mission, your people, processes, and strategies can align to do amazing work.

Since we intend to always live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your fee will be donated to a charity of your choice, in your company’s name.


Interested in our programs for yourself?

Eliminating burnout, building up emotional resiliency, developing strong teams & connections, and finding your true voice when communicating are not just for the workplace. Be the Architect of Your Life and discover the power of your purpose, confidence in your communication, and the strength of your relationships.