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Let Painted Porch Strategies help you master the skills vital to thrive amidst the modern demands and challenges of life and work - starting from the inside out.

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Hi! Welcome to the Painted Porch.


Our team is a group of experts across the Mindfulness, Broadcasting, and Healthcare Staffing industries dedicated to the principle that life and work can be vibrant, expansive, collaborative, and fun.

It's what the ancient Greeks referred to as Eudaimonia, which means happiness, well-being, and prosperity.

Our programs teach you how to develop an unshakeable mindset, confident communication, and collaborative connections & community so that you can thrive and life, at work, and anywhere in-between.

Master the foundational skills for modern-day success.


In today's ever-shifting and challenging world, those who have the skills to navigate uncertainty, master their mindset, collaborate with others, and share ideas with confidence and clarity will be the ones who will lead the change of tomorrow.

Conquer Burnout & Overwhelm

Tap into your inner power to take control of your emotions, find peace amongst the obstacles in life and work, and build up resilience to what is outside of your control.

Create Connection with Others

Better connect, collaborate, and deal with conflict or disagreements with your fellow humans - in the teams and people you interact with at work and in life.

Communicate with Confidence

Communication is one of your most important skills - what we say, how, when. Words can inspire, incite, or be ignored. Master your message and maximize your influence.

Programs for You
Programs for Teams

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  • Tap into your Inner Power
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Approach Life Confidently.


Life has ups and downs
. Obstacles emerge, challenging us to grow and change. Stress can empty our emotional and energetic tanks. People dynamics can be difficult. Your voice matters.

Stand strong in your inner power. Handle conflict calmly. Share your message clearly, confidently, and authentically.

Programs for You

Adapt to the New World of Work.


Work environments are changing
Team cohesion and collaboration are critical for success. Pivots to current models are necessary for survival. Opportunities for growth are banging down your door.

Prepare your organization for change so you can thrive in any environment or challenge.

Programs for Teams

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Learn how to:

  • Navigate your new Remote Work Dynamic at home
  • Successfully tackle and manage your workday with Best Practices from a 15 yr. remote work expert
  • Discover creative ways to stay connected and aligned with your colleagues
  • Overcome "Zoom Fatigue"

MISSION #WFH: Accomplished

Get ready to don your cape and defeat Work From Home fatigue, overwhelm, and disconnect.

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Thoughts from the Porch.


Our most recent insights, research, and ideas exploring ways to develop inner strength, effective teams, impactful messaging, and mission-focused strategies. 

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Create Extraordinary Teams in Your Life, Work, and Anywhere In-Between

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