Happy New Year. I Quit.

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A neon sign on top of a building that says "Happy New Year!"

Ah, New Year's resolutions. For some, it's a desire to fit back into those jeans from college. For others, it's an opportunity to explore new places and expand their cultural knowledge and understanding. For the participants of a recent KornFerry survey, one of their top 2020 New Year's resolution...find a new job.

The primary reason for this desire to seek new employment was cultural misalignment with their values (38 percent) and a need for growth and new challenges in their role (23 percent reported boredom as a contributing factor). In fact, the top wish - at 41% - for the new year (and new decade, to boot) is to have a greater impact/make a difference at work. This was five times greater than receiving a raise (8%). Yet, confidence in being able to achieve this wish was only 24%.

What this survey exposes is that extrinsic motivators and rewards such as raises and promotions matter significantly less than an employee's intrinsic yearning for learning, contribution, cultural alignment, and overall growth. And no one asked for better snacks or a ping pong table.

We all know that the criteria for a great job is changing...yet, why are so many companies still operating as if it hasn't? Recruitment is getting harder and harder. Long-term employment retention is almost an old wives' tale. The definition of what work IS and what it means now, in the 'new Roaring 20's', is vastly different from this era a century ago. Workers today are no longer simply focused on what they need to survive, but are seeking out ways in which they can thrive - emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and societally.

Whether you are a tire manufacturer or on the cutting edge of solving some of the world's deadliest diseases, a healthy culture and deep understanding of the mission of your company are vital components to create engaged, connected, accountable, and loyal employees.

So often you hear businesses (well, mainly marketers of businesses) talk about how they want to create Raving Fans. But, in order to do so, you first need to have a team that are your tireless, unflappable cheerleaders. Why? Well, if I think back to my spirit squad days, I recall that when the team was making forward progress and scoring touchdowns, the crowd was naturally cheering along...our pom-poms and chants were unnecessary (and frankly, most likely ignored). It was when the passes fell incomplete, or the scoreboard favored the other team that our messages of belief and encouragement held the team's spirit together. Everyone loves their team when they're winning, but many still remain loyal when they aren't.

Flexing my cheer muscles, circa 1996

When you have a crystal clear mission, values that are in alignment and congruent with a greater, noble purpose, and a culture built on the principles of trust, accountability, adaptability, and innovation, you will have loyal cheerleaders who will lose their voice in support of your team.

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