Put Pain in Perspective (Stoic Lesson #41)

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The stoic, Seneca, once said "We suffer more in imagination than reality". Has the THOUGHT of a perceived pain been greater than the actual pain itself? Have you ever propped up a past pain to 'compete' with the pain shared by others (a 'comparing of battle wounds', of sorts)?

In Week 41's lesson from "A Handbook for New Stoics", the Painted Porch team reflects on this idea that - ultimately - the severity of our pain CAN be elevated or decreased based on how we choose to THINK about it (our opinion of the matter). It's why you sometimes see elite athletes walk off the field, only to then find out they suffered a season or career-ending injury.

Studies have even been shown that how someone heals from an injury can significantly be impacted based on how they PERCEIVED the pain or disease.



Have you ever found yourself 'comparing scars' or making the suffering or pain GREATER in your mind, thereby causing increased pain or delayed healing?

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