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Working Remotely & Meeting Communications

a peek on the porch absolute truth communication meetings remote work work from home Apr 16, 2020

During a recent meeting, the Painted Porch Team (Rob, Amy, and Sierra) reflected on the adjustments we've made (and the struggles or extra steps we've taken) now that everyone is staying at home (for work and play). Plus, we had a surprise cameo (and proclamation) from Colt, Sierra's 5 yr. old son.

0:00:00 - 0:19:53: Sierra offers advice on how to create transitions and rituals in your day, to create clear pivots to Work Time vs. Home Time, when your work space (equipment,location, etc.) has invaded your home space.

0:19:53 - 0:29:20: Rob, Sierra, and Amy talk about some keys to effective communication during meetings - whether remote or otherwise.

0:29:20 - 0:33:09: Amy talks about different communication styles and how 'intention' and an agreement among desired communication methods is important for effective collaboration and teamwork.

0:33:09 - 0:38:39: The Team explores the the power of clarity and Absolute Truth during communication.