How to Overcome Discomfort (Stoic Lesson #40)

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Has physical discomfort ever impacted your state of mind? How can a sick person be happy and a healthy person be miserable?

In Week 40's lesson from "A Handbook for New Stoics", you're challenged to shift your focus from the state of your comfort (or discomfort) and instead examine your thoughts about the situation.



Oftentimes, we can change the way we experience a situation by simply changing the way we CHOOSE to think about it. It's why you often see vastly different responses from people to the same experience or challenge. How people with extreme disabilities achieve/do/become more than those who have none.

Shift your focus from what you CAN'T do to what you CAN do; in what way(s) can you exercise CONTROL (and where can you not).

As Epictetus reminds us, "This is a hindrance to my body, but not to my will."

What physical limitation or discomfort can you practice examining?

How did your 'will' (mental state) change when you placed focus on it (and didn't let your discomfort drive your demeanor)? Let us know on our Facebook or YouTube page!

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