A Treaty for the 'War for Talent'​

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David vs. Goliath. The North vs. the South. The Patriots vs. the world. Let's face it...we love a good conflict. From the early days of gladiator sport, we've loved to watch or participate in various forms of competition (both healthy and not so much).

While we've swapped gladiators for game shows, Spartans for sporting events, and revolutions for rose ceremonies, we still seem to have an insatiable thirst for blood. And now, it seems, this idea of victors vs. losers has infiltrated its way into the world of staffing and workforce management. It's being lovingly referred to as the 'War for Talent'.

We're not going to spend this entire article bemoaning seeing the term 'war' thrown about in the most ridiculous and unnecessary ways (ahem, Cupcake Wars, we're lookin' at you). Instead, we want to throw up a peace sign and recommend that, as an industry, we make talent love, not war.

We're not looking through rose gold-colored glasses, pretending that the staffing industry is not fiercely competitive. However, we do feel that rather than treating each of your competitors as adversaries, you put down your weapons and work together, as allies, to solve this ever-increasing labor shortage and skills gap throughout the U.S. and world.

Just as with any peace treaty, getting clear on the guidelines is imperative to ensure short and long-term compliance and participation. The reality is that there is too much available talent to warrant fighting over. Instead, consider making allies not enemies.

Find a niche. Work with each other to identify where each of you has strengths and gaps to fulfill your mission; thereby ensuring that the right talent is in the right role, at the right company, and working with the agency who best aligns with both their and your clients' needs.

Like the UN, you don't have to love one another or even agree all the time, but it can only help (vs. harm) the talent who are looking for work, the companies who are desperate for the assistance, and the communities and societies who will inevitably benefit from the products and services both can provide.

We're calling it the Talent Accord. Who's willing to join?


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