Growth & Change Begins at the Foundation

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Your people are your business. Without your people, you have no business. Put another way, if your people don’t fully understand or give a sh*t about what they’re doing, your business will reflect it. 

“You don’t build a business. You build People and then People build the business.” - Zig Ziglar

Just like with a physical structure (say, a porch...), unless you invest in the right materials, have a blueprint or plan for how to construct it, and then communicate a clear intention and desired outcome to the crew, you may end up with something that is unstable, unusable or begins to rot. 

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  • You could have the most beautiful set of design plans. But, if you don’t use the correct materials, it’ll collapse. 
  • If you have the right materials but lack a clear blueprint, they’ll collect dust in your storage facility or be used incorrectly or inefficently.
  • The best materials, a box full of tools, and a clear blueprint are worthless if you haven’t communicated the desired purpose and intention for the project to the builders and allowed them to provide their feedback, ask questions, and share their expertise and recommendations. 

Invest in your most valuable asset: Your People.

Learning new functional skills is great. But before spending another penny on developing better leaders or kicking off your next innovation project initiative, consider starting at the foundational level - guiding your employees in how to communicate, collaborate, and serve as their best selves.

When they can show up to work fully, authentically, and emotionally resilient their ability to adapt, innovate, problem solve, and support your business will be aligned, committed, and unshakeable.


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