Contemplate Death, and How to Live (Stoic Lesson #16)

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Week 16 was a doozie, challenging us to rehearse Stoic thinking around death every day.

As always, though, the intention is not to focus on death, but rather on life. To the Stoics, the desire was not necessarily a long, prosperous life, but a life WELL LIVED - centered on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Quality of life focused not necessarily on your physical health, but on the quality of your thoughts and character, recognizing that 'everything happens when it happens'.

What matters is how we act and what we do with the time we are given.



How does understanding the limited control you have over how long you live affect how you should or do live now?

How can a fear of dying and a desire to live longer impact how you behave each day?

How might you live differently if you did not fear death? 

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