How to Curb Regret (Stoic Lesson #36)

dichotomy of control emotions judgment perspective
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Our first impressions are based on our experiences...but how accurate are they? Are you assigning a judgment to a person or event prematurely, or based on your 'passions'? Do you ever regret how you've judged or reacted?

In Week 36's lesson from "The Handbook for New Stoics", you're challenged to 'catch' your impressions before they 'go out the door' by leaning on one of the basic stoic principles: The Dichotomy of Control



Examine whether your initial impression is, in fact, how you REALLY think or feel and ask yourself whether that 'passion' (what you desire or wish to avoid) is COMPLETELY under your control. To take control of your reactions, you first have to RECOGNIZE when they pop up to then help you adjust it to better serve you and your fellow humans.

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