How to Journal like a Stoic (Stoic Lesson #29)

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Are you taking time to reflect on each day to celebrate, evaluate, and iterate? That's the focus of Week 29's lesson from A Handbook for New Stoics.

The concept of journaling is not new to the Stoics. In fact, Marcus Aurelius, one of the most famous of the bunch, had a whole book created from his daily Meditations.

The idea of an Evening Meditation or Reflection is simply to examine your day - how you showed up, what stumbles you may have encountered, and MOST IMPORTANTLY in what ways can you improve or adjust for the future.



This is - at its core - ensuring you continue (or begin) to live an Intentional Life. Evaluating whether you've veered off-course or are remaining on your purposeful path...and practicing a little forgiveness when you do stumble.

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