How to Keep it (Stoically) Simple (Stoic Lesson #39)

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When you're embarking on a new growth journey, it can occasionally feel a little overwhelming to remember and implement all of the new lessons you learn.

In Week 39's lesson from "A Handbook for New Stoics", you're asked to focus on keeping a few basic stoic lessons top of mind (vs. trying to remember and implement ALL of what you learn at one time).

Starting small, being aware of how you speak to yourself, and practicing a few core, stoic concepts each day can help you 'saturate your soul' with these virtuous habits over time. 



Update your programming by focusing on how you talk to yourself through your thoughts and the questions you ask yourself in reflection.

What are a few of the basic Stoic concepts and phrases/questions that you will choose to focus on and have 'at hand'?

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