How to Turn Difficulties into Opportunities (Stoic Lesson #26)

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When it comes to adversity, do you view it as an Obstacle or a Worthy Challenge?

In Week 26's lesson from A Handbook for New Stoics, the Painted Porch team reflects on how most often, that which strains us strengthens us. It's like building up your "Emotional Muscles" and Stoic Strength.



Rather than focusing energy on what already happened (the past, which is out of our control), the Stoics challenge us to learn from these experiences, acknowledge the role we played in its outcome, and identify how we can take this lemon and turn it into limoncello.

What approach do you find works best for you when it comes to psyching yourself up for the challenge and welcoming it - Rational or Emotive?  Let us know on Facebook or YouTube!

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