Practice Stoic Sympathy Stealthily (Stoic Lesson #32)

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As you continue to learn new ways to navigate this 'world outside of your control' through these (and any other) Stoic teachings, are you talking more than doing?

That's the question we're asked to ponder in Week 32's lesson from "A Handbook for New Stoics". You're learning all of these great new methods for handling stress, showing sympathy, and living a more virtuous life with your fellow humans.

BUUUUT...are you sharing this new knowledge unsolicited? Are you TELLING others how they should behave vs. BEING an example of how to live a more fulfilling and content life?

Are you judging those around you based on the knowledge you've gained without sympathizing with where they are on their journey?



In what ways can you dial down the stoic rhetoric and dial up the stoic practices?

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