Premeditate on Encountering Difficult People (Stoic Lesson #24)

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Ahhh, people. They're everywhere and, at least according to the Stoic Philosophy, we're meant to work WITH (not against) our fellow humans. So, how can you better handle it when you encounter someone who is testing your patience and your virtuous, human-loving self?

In Week 24's lesson from our Handbook for New Stoics, the authors suggest we approach these inevitabilities with a little bit of Premeditatio Malorum...that is, premeditating on the very likely chance you WILL have a run-in with a difficult person or situation.

By practicing a little bit of pre-planning, you'll be better able to deal with a less-than-ideal person or situation.



What Morning Meditation did you come up with to remind you of the probability of difficulty, as well as your moral obligation to help (vs. hurt) your fellow man (or woman)?

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