Remind Yourself of Your Impermanence (Stoic Lesson #15)

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Week 15's lesson on our 52-Week Stoic journey with  A Handbook for New Stoics asks us to remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever.

The intention is to help 'take the bite out of losses' we may encounter in our lives by asking "What is its nature?"

Part of training as a Stoic is to prepare for catastrophes (small or large) since these losses can often be a tough test of our own character...who we become or how we behave during those times of strife.

We're not asked to shut off or down these feelings, but rather use these moments to remind ourselves of what we DO have NOW, in the present moment. and not take for granted who or what is available to us to celebrate and appreciate - become more resilient when tragedy occurs.



What are a few things in your life that are impermanent and can be lost?

How difficult (1-10) would it be to deal with if you lost it?

How will you remind yourself and prepare for the eventual loss of it?

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