Welcome to 'The Porch'

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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. We are so glad you've decided to join us.

Painted Porch Strategies was born out of a trend observed across the business landscape, within companies of all sizes and states of growth (or strife) – the need for deeper connection, fulfillment, collaboration, and integration throughout the organization.

It’s not simply knowing and doing the right thing, for the right people, and the right reasons. It’s ensuring that why you’re in business or work is serving who you’re in it for – including not only your customers and shareholders, but also your employees and yourself.

The Painted Porch​ was where the ancient philosophy of Stoicism emerged (the Greek term: ‘Stoa Poikilê’​). Instead of a formal school of philosophy (like those of Aristotle and Plato), it was meant to be a gathering place, where all people were welcomed to join, learn, and grow. Just as those ancient students of stoicism did things a little differently, so do we in our approach to helping individuals and companies become strong, resilient, and successful.

Stoicism’s principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue serve as a wonderful platform for us to model when exploring ways in which companies can evolve, mindfully and intentionally. We lean on these time-tested concepts applied in modern-day reality, to help your organization design strategies, processes, people, and culture to fulfill the deeper need for purpose and contribution being demanded from the 21st century workforce. This alignment ensures efficient, effective, and expansive operational success.

The stoics believed the path to eudaimonia (happiness) is realized when you are able to accept incidents and moments as they are, not allowing yourself to be controlled by the emotional meaning associated to it. Contentment and satisfaction may be achieved by using your mind to makes sense of and understand the world, by working together for a greater purpose, and treating others with fairness, justice, and courage. It's what the Roman orator, Cicero, referred to as Summum Bonum, the ‘highest good‘.

There are four key components that - together - can lead to the success (or failure) of a business:

  • A clear and virtuous Vision and Mission
  • Mission-aligned Strategy and Effort-based Outcomes
  • Value-centered Processes and Systems
  • Engaged, Resilient People, Teams, and Culture

Unless these four, foundational pieces are aligned and healthy, the structure of your business - just like a porch (see what we did there?) - cannot withstand daily wear and tear, or the occasional storm that may pass through (such as the addition or loss of a client, economical cycles, financial fluctuations, leadership changes).

So, how do we help? Well, first off, we're not traditional consultants. In fact, that job title does not exist here at 'the Porch'. Why? It's simple, really. We believe that in order for you to be successful, YOU need the tools, techniques, methods, and minds to make that happen. It's the ol' Give a fish vs. Teach to fish principle. We want you to be fully equipped to not only implement changes and transformation now, but be able to effectively Identify, Assess, Collaborate, Decide, and Apply improvements well after we're gone.

To do so, we focus on five areas for optimal operational excellence (try saying that five times fast!):

  • Mindset. Understanding how to approach life, both individually and when working with others and teams. It's our Stoicism and Mindfulness 101 class.
  • Mission. When your mission is clear, concise, and virtuous, you will have an army prepared, willing, and excited to win.
  • Measurement/Metrics. Having a mission and vision-aligned strategy and measurements of success that are within your control eliminate confusion and ensures a path to progress.
  • Methods. Establishing processes, roles, and systems that reduce potential for errors and delays by focusing on the value and outcomes vs. red tape and distrust.
  • Messaging. Nail your communications down. Eliminate unproductive meetings. Get buy-in and support. Inspire others. Create lasting impact.

By fortifying these integrated and interdependent areas within your business, together, we will help you create a company that is aligned, accountable, engaged, and focused on fulfilling your mission and making your vision real.

Looking for ways to explore the concepts of mindfulness, teamwork, and communication for yourself? Check out our Services to learn more about our programs, workshops, and advisory services.

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