Don't Speak...Only About Yourself (Stoic Lesson #23)

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When it comes to the conversations or interactions you have both in person or online, how much time is spent in your talking about YOURSELF vs. engaging with others about THEIR lives?

That's the question we're asked to explore in Week 23's lesson from our 52-Week journey through Stoicism from the book, A Handbook for New Stoics.

This lesson challenges us to examine whether we are oversharing with others, focusing more on what is going on in OUR lives (or what WE believe/think/want to say) than on what others are sharing.

Basically, don't subject others to your own "perpetual slide-show".

What steps or ideas can you consider taking - either from what we discussed or what you discovered - to find that virtuous balance/temperance in the quality and quantity of what you are sharing, and how you're engaging with others in return? 

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