How to Create Your Own Personal Retreat (Stoic Lesson #42)

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How often do you think or say, "I need a VACATION!"? When it comes to feelings of overwhelm, stress, frustration (and all of those other fun emotions) do you find yourself trying to escape from them? Well, the Stoics have a VERY easy solution that requires no money, no commute, and no packing...Your OWN MIND.

In Week 42's lesson from "A Handbook for New Stoics", Marcus Aurelius reminds us that

"Nowhere can man find retirement more peaceful and untroubled than in his own soul....grant yourself this retirement, and so renew yourself"

But, HOW can you find peace and renewal if your mind isn't quite the tidy place you'd like to retreat to? it starts by identifying a few go-to stoic maxims (aka reminders) of what IS and is NOT within your control.



Ultimately, anything outside of your control can only affect you and your peace of mind if you decide to make it so. Said otherwise, you determine the amount of trash and clutter that piles up in your Inner Citadel.

What 'go-to maxims' or reminders did you identify to help you initially tidy up your state of mind, as well as ward off any new 'clutter' coming in?

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