How to Do Whatever 'Political' Good You Can (Stoic Lesson #30)

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Are you doing whatever you can to help your 'polis'? That's the question the Painted Porch Team (and YOU!) are asked to ponder for Week 30's lesson on our 52-Week Stoic journey based on "A Handbook for New Stoics".

When we think and hear of doing "political good", our minds immediately jump to political engagement or activism. While that MAY be an option, the Stoics remind us that the word "politics" stems from "polis", which can mean city-state or, more broadly, ALL citizens or your community.

Not all of us want or have the drive to be at the forefront of a 'big cause'. Yet, we can - each of us - find small ways to aide or support our fellow citizens of the world and exercise our virtue...even simply supporting a friend on their journey.



What "Political Good" can or do you exercise? Is it purely altruistic reasons? Or are you engaging in behavior that is judging, shaming, or excluding?

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