How to Roll with Insults (Stoic Lesson #22)

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How do you react when insulted? Do you take the grenade and throw it back? Do you laugh it off? Do you say nothing? Do you ruminate on it?

These are the questions we're asked to contemplate in Week 22's lesson from Massimo Pigliucci and Gregory Lopez's A Handbook for New Stoics.

Being insulted is the "...perfect example of [practicing the Stoic] Dichotomy of Control". While you cannot control the insult being said, you CAN control the most important parts of the insult:

  1. Deciding whether what was said WAS offensive
  2. How you choose to REACT

Without a reaction, any insult said to you is 'Dead on Arrival'



This lesson has so many great ah-has and practical tips on how to "roll with insults" and maintain your peace of mind!

What tips or key takeaways do you have from this lesson? 

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