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Transform disagreements from dysfunctional to healthy and effective. Focus on stability, flexibility, trust, and accountability in teams. Discover ways for teams to turn obstacles or problems into opportunities and solutions, creating a dynamic, adaptable, mission-focused unit.


People + Diverse Ideas = Conflict.

Unhealthy conflict in the workplace can be costly. Healthy debate can be your greatest asset. Create Extraordinary Teams capable of inoculating against harmful hurdles and an ailing culture.


In our Extraordinary Teams program, your employees will be guided in ways to:

Develop Healthy Conflict

Tackle assumptions, frustrations, disagreements, and misalignments using rational, logical, and practical methods for conflict resolution.

Define the Elements of a Team

Learn each team members' Elemental style that - when healthy - can overcome any obstacle that arises; but, when stressed, can turn Hero into Villain.

Design a Blueprint for Success

Establish a clear, mission-focused, and aligned operating model so each team member can contribute and succeed.


How to Create Extraordinary Teams.

At the Painted Porch, we like to do things a little differently. Students will be up and moving, participating fully in mind, body, heart, and spirit - intentionally; and actively making decisions about how to approach and resolve conflict, overcome obstacles as a team unit, and design a blueprint for how to make that happen.


Program Outline & Approach.

Design Healthy, Trusting Teams
. This program is grouped and organized into 8 Modules, with each lesson including instruction, exercises, and implementation steps. The lessons can be delivered to your team On-demand, Virtually, or On-site.

Learn. Reflect. Discuss.

We believe that real learning and transformation is not a spectator sport. Through active exercises and discussions (be it onsite, via video call, per lesson, or through a private online community), as well as a Weekly Group Advisory call, your team can connect with us and each other to share takeaways, insights, ah-has, and more to help go from information to implementation.


Program Details.


Over 8 hours of lessons and action guides to help develop strong connections, resolve conflict, and design mission-focused, aligned teams.


Through a private, online community teams will connect with Amy  to share ideas on how to integrate the lessons with their teams.


Teams can attend weekly, live video calls with Amy  to dive deeper into what they've learned and explore additional insights and methods to expand their knowledge and grow in mastering people dynamics.

Hi! I'm Amy, your Painted Porch Guide!

Amy Yackowski
Founder, Chief Evolution Officer

Welcome to the Porch! You can call me Amy Yack - my friends do. I’ve spent the last 19+ years (some would argue since pre-school) partnering to design programs that connect people and process to a clear purpose, strategic vision, and noble mission. Through challenging business as usual, we can navigate the sea of change and build amazing teams, focused on contribution, service, and connection.

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Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs.

Having flexibility in what programs and services are available to you ‚Äď based on your budget, resources, desired outcomes, and schedule ‚Äď is important. That‚Äôs why¬†you have¬†three¬†program delivery options¬†to choose from.

We believe creating Extraordinary Teams begins with the individual, first and foremost. That's why we've bundled it with our Radical Mindfulness & Master Your Message programs. By starting with the self, developing emotional resilience and effective communication skills, team members are better equipped and able to step up and contribute toward team success.

And, no, you're not sleep-deprived...our actual¬†package prices are listed below ūüėģ. Crazy, we know. We prefer to think it's crazy-refreshing. We're not going to quote you one price and then send you a bill for "additional hours".¬†

Our programs are designed to benefit EVERYONE in your company - not just those in official leadership roles. We want you to be able to invest in your Company's success, not just certain individuals.

We stand 100% behind what we do and how, and believe it will make big, lasting changes in your business. 



  • One Year access to on-demand lesson from our THREE core programs: Radical Mindfulness, Master Your Message, and Create Extraordinary Teams for everyone in your organization
  • Live Group Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1 Calls
  • Access to Private, Interactive Community

Virtual (Live)


  • Live, interactive training from our THREE core programs: Radical MindfulnessMaster Your Message, and Create Extraordinary Teams delivered via video calls
  • 6-Month Access to on-demand program lessons for everyone in your organization
  • Live Group Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1 Calls
  • Access to Private, Interactive Community



All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Live, interactive¬†training from our THREE core programs: Radical Mindfulness, Master Your Message, and Create Extraordinary Teams¬†delivered onsite (3 Days)
  • 6-Month Access¬†to on-demand program lessons for¬†everyone¬†in your organization
  • Live¬†Group Advisory Calls
  • Executive Sponsor 1:1¬†Calls
  • Access to¬†Private, Interactive Community
  • All-inclusive, flat pricing** (Travel included)

** Additional cost per person for materials


A Virtuous Cycle

Painted Porch Strategies was created to model the Stoic principles of Reason, Logic, Purpose, and Virtue. We believe that when a company has a resilient, mindful workforce, clear communications, and a noble mission, their people, processes, and strategies can align to do amazing work.

Since we intend to live by the Stoic philosopher, Seneca’s, advice of “works not words”, we believe that in order to do well, we must also do good.

That’s why (5%) of your fee will be donated to a charity of your choice, in your company’s name.

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