Design a Mindful Life (Stoic Lesson #33)

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If you always have an audience - where someone is watching you - would that change the ways in which you behave?

That's the lesson we're asked to ponder in Week 33 of our 52-Week journey from "A Handbook for New Stoics".

Rather than creating laws or rules like the Ten Commandments, Stoicism was founded on what's called "virtue ethics" - essentially designing your own rules for living morally and for the greater good. They recognized that life is lived in the grey, where rigid absolutes are tough to uphold since exceptions almost always have and will need to be made.


Designing your own useful guidelines can help you remain flexible, yet still adhere to overall intent and desired path mindFULly vs. mindLESSly.

What guideline(s) (or Blueprint) have or will you design and choose as a reminder to remain virtuous in a life lived in the gray? Let us know on our Facebook or YouTube page!

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